Month: March 2022

Restorative dentistry can save your teeth

Restorative Dentistry: The Sooner the Better

When it comes to your health, getting restorative dentistry treatment sooner is always best. In general, problem-solving works best when it’s done right away. Waiting to resolve a problem only gives it time to worsen, but doing it right away can yield better results than you expected initially. This is true in all areas of…

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Should you get Invisalign or braces

Invisalign vs. Braces: Which Is Best for You?

Choose the right treatment option for you. Your smile is a vital part of how you communicate with the world and—more importantly—how you view yourself. As a result, when you’re looking into getting orthodontic care, it’s natural to want the best option out there. Invisalign has become incredibly popular lately, with many people singing its…

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Trouble in your mouth can affect your overall health

Your Mouth Is a Gateway to Your Overall Health

Discover your mouth-body connection. It’s easy to think of your oral and physical health as two separate things. After all, you go to a dentist for your smile, and you go to a physician for your body. You wouldn’t go to a physician to treat a cavity or ask your dentist about your sore back….

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Fun oral hygiene for kids

The ABCs of Good Oral Hygiene for Kids

Share these important oral hygiene tips with your kids. Maintaining oral hygiene is crucial for achieving optimal oral health, but it can be tricky for kids to remember how to care for their smiles.  Many kids and teens struggle with recurring tooth decay, in particular. The good news is the majority of cavities are completely…

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All about tooth extraction

Why Do Some Teeth Need To Be Extracted Instead of Filled?

There are some cases where a tooth extraction is the only way to restore your oral health. When you see us here at River Walk Dental, sometimes we recommend a filling, sometimes a crown, sometimes a root canal and crown, and sometimes a tooth extraction. Why exactly is this? At what point will your dentist…

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